Trees for Bugs Initiative

We at Kentico Software have decided to plant a tree for every bug found in the latest version of our product - Kentico. We also promise to fix all reported bugs within 7 working days. Twice a year, we plant trees as compensation for each bug found by users of our software.

We always take more trees than the expected number of bugs. First we plant trees in honor of the clients who found bugs (labeled with the name of the finder, their company and their country), then we plant the remaning trees in honor of our fabulous developers who strove to (and succeeded in) fixing said bugs inside our 7-day promise.

Each tree is also listed in the Tree Gallery and marked on Google Maps, so that the tree owner can visit the tree in the future (some of the trees will have hays to crop). Photos from planting events can be found at Trees for Bugs Facebook page.

Kentico is a full-featured content management system, containing 250+ configurable web parts and 30+ modules. Each module is covered by a particular development team, responsible for its development and correctness. Therefore, each team shall plant as many trees as the number of bugs found in its modules. Naturally, the rest of the company (especially testers ;) will help them with it. Distribution of bugs/trees between individual development teams is shown in a graph.

If you face a bug, you can report it via this form

Should you have any questions on this project, please feel free to contact us.


We gather all information about reported bugs and, twice a year (April and October), we plant trees for all bugs submitted by that date. The counter, country standings and the graph on the Trees for Bugs microstite homepage is reset with every release of a new version. 

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