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In a spring month that is predictably unpredictable, Kentico’s biannual Trees for Bugs celebration was lucky enough to land on a warm and (partly) sunny Saturday in the middle of April. It was a day dedicated to righting software wrongs, and the earth got a little greener and cleaner.

05/03/2016 by Iva Konecna | 0 comments

Strange bugs, clouds of mosquitos and more in this swampy Trees for Bugs adventure. Find out how our planters faired in this neat, poem-style blog. Enjoy!
11/18/2014 by Diego Fildes Torrijos | 0 comments

Don’t dig yourself into a hole, they’ve already dug the hole for you! Hat’s off to the people of Velatice for their wonderful hospitality… and Improv Performance. Read all about it here.

05/13/2014 by Diego Fildes Torrijos | 0 comments

Napoleon, eat your heart out. Kentico takes Austerlitz by storm and leaves no tree unplanted! Read more about our much-loved Trees for Bugs event this fall!
11/05/2013 by Eva Palbuchtova | 0 comments

The Trees for Bugs initiative is responsible yet again for making the world a greener place in the name of cleaner software after another planting session by the Kentico team.
04/19/2013 by Abigail Rice | 0 comments

How do you keep bugs away from software? Build them a home somewhere else! Find out how the Kentico team fulfilled its commitment to its community and the environment in their bi-annual Trees for Bugs event!
10/30/2012 by Eva Palbuchtova | 0 comments

Thanks to all who reported bugs, those who planted trees for them and the developers who were able to keep the promise of our 7-day bug-fixing policy!
04/19/2012 by Petr Passinger | 0 comments

At Kentico Software, environment and quality go hand in hand.
04/13/2012 by Petr Passinger | 0 comments

The Kentico team goes to work in the countryside again!
03/13/2012 by Petr Passinger | 0 comments

Have you ever planted a tree in your life? Or have you found a bug in software you've used?
11/03/2011 by Petr Passinger | 0 comments
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