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Trees for Bugs

You find a bug, we plant a tree with your name on it. Cool, right?

What is the Trees for Bugs initiative?

It's just one of the ways we give back to the community, and make sure we never stop improving. For every bug our customers find in Kentico products, we plant a tree.  Our development team squashes the bug, and twice a year we plant trees in the name of each person who reported a bug and helped make Kentico even better.

We planted 3292 trees since the beginning of the initiative.

How does it feel to be part of that?

How to turn a bug into a tree?

  1. You find and report a bug in a Kentico product
  2. We fix the bug
  3. We plant a tree with your name on it
  • The Kentico Trees for Bugs initiative goes beyond just a team-building event for our company; it symbolizes what we stand for: hard work and team spirit, deep roots in good soil, and healthy, organic growth… In a lot of ways, working with the team at Trees for Bugs is just like any other day in the office!

    Petr Palas, CEO

  • My favorite part about Trees for Bugs is that it acknowledges more than the customers who help us by reporting bugs—we also plant trees for the amazing team of developers who resolves them.

    Zbysek Nemec, VP Engineering

  • Sometimes my human takes me on a trip and I get to inspect the installation of hundreds of new toilets. With so much going on and so many new smells to investigate, the job isn’t an easy one. In the end, though, I end up with lots of fresh places to relax with my favorite stick.

    Pluto, The Sniffer

  • Thank you for sponsoring and planning such a wonderful event. The new trees look great and we promise to take care of them so they look even more beautiful in the years to come. If you’d ever like to come see their progress of yourselves, you are always warmly welcomed here.

    Jevisovka, Bozena Bosiakova, Mayor

Our planting locations

Plating locations in the Czech Republic