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We planted 250 trees in Jevišovka


Trees Got Planted: Fruity mix of trees is now flavoring the Czech countryside!

See the planting map

After our painful mosquitos experience in Jevišovka we decided to give them another opportunity to show us their better days. And we were lucky! There were no more waiting hungry mosquitos!

Over 70 Kentico staff, their families, friends and dogs turned up to help with carrying, digging, and planting the trees. Armed with 7 pickaxes, 30 spades, 70 sandwiches and, of course, 250 trees, the planters started to work.

A mixture of old and new varieties of apples, pears and plums were planted and will be now flavoring the Czech countryside. If you'd like to visit your tree in the future, you can visit Jevišovka. Please don’t hesitate to taste your fruits.

We enjoy making the world a greener place in the name of cleaner software and help fight air pollution and smog. Thanks to all who contributed by finding a bug. We hope you appreciate our green-thumbed efforts in your name!